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Easter Bunny Cakes with the Kids

It’s that time of year again and Spring is officially in the air! Cooking easy Easter Bunny cake recipes with the kids is definitely going to become a new Easter tradition, but hopefully a neater and cleaner tradition is time goes on, haha!

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Baking Valentine Sugar Cookies with Aura & Tudor

As soon as the holidays are over, Valentines Day is coming up! A fun activity to do with the kids is to make some special cookies for Daddy (actually, they’re totally for me, it’s all a trick - haha!) I’ve really compiled a ton of sprinkles from birthday parties, Christmas, Halloween and all the holidays in-between…

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Christmas Tree Decorating with Toddlers!

This was the first year we got a Christmas tree as a family of four. We always seem to be travelling during the holidays, especially as Nic’s family live overseas but this year we’re right at home here in CA. We headed out to The Little Hills Christmas Tree Farms in Petaluma, Sonoma County, our favourite…

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