A Peek at my Vintage Watch Collection!


What time is it? Time to ring in the new year with all my vintage watches 35% off with code ‘Newyear’!

In honour of 2019 I thought I'd do a fun twist and I'm bring out some of my favourite vintage watches.. leave it to me to see how many watches I could possibly fit on my wrists, huh! And when that space runs out.. there are always belt loops.. lol!

Owning a vintage watch is really special, the mechanisms inside are truly amazing and most of these watches actually have ruby's inside of them. 

Fun fact:

Reducing friction is important to watchmaking.

Instead of metal moving against metal, watch makers discovered that jewels cause little friction or wear. Jewels are hard and don't wear down very quickly. By the time of the American revolution, tiny doughnut shaped rubies were being inserted into pivot points on watches to keep them from coming into direct contact with the edges of the hole. This in turn would make the watch last much longer. The jewels could be diamonds, sapphires, or most commonly rubies. However, the process was time consuming and expensive. Jewels were placed in only very high quality watches of that era.


A vintage watch can always spruce up any outfit, and not to sound ironic but they really are timeless! They're honestly more like bracelets than watches as they're just that special.

Most all of my watches are in good working order even still. There are just a few that need to be fixed but it stands to show the quality of workmanship put in to making them that even at their age they're working! If anything they're an investment and a lot of people keep them to pass on as inheritance to their families.

NOTE: There are a few not photographed yet, please email me for pricing and details.

A lot of the stop-watches can be worn as necklaces on a chain for a feminine twist on the masculine classic.

All of my watches are on sale 35% off for the new year using code 'NEWYEAR' at checkout. I've linked them all here so you can learn more about them and don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions about them! Lynn@goldwestvintage.com

Remember, unlike a non-gold or a new watch, you're investing in a vintage timepiece that will only increase in value over time!

Love, Lynn

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