My Alt Summit 2019 ~ Palm Springs Diary

Thank you to Alt Summit 2019 Palm Springs and the private dinners and parties I was invited to by DeltaFaucet, NOVOGRATZ and BYUtv Dinner Takes All! Also to meeting with Better Homes & Gardens and The Parker Palm Springs where we stayed!

Be sure to see my Design Influencers Conference Blog post I went to in February in Atlanta!


day 1: SUNDAY

  • Drove from Pasadena & checked into Parker at 12

  • Registered at the Riviera 12:30-1

  • 2-3 Sugaro Perfect for both beginner and intermediate creative business owners, this workshop will be engaging and entertaining (we heard rumors of legos being involved), and will also be unique, in that the techniques you learn, can help you make better connections while still at Alt Summit.

  • 4:15 Ace Hotel, Speech by Quiana of @harlemlovebirds and my Boston sweet mama friend. For those who want to use their platform to create dynamic social change. Attendees who participated last year, at the Courageous Conversations session, will be able to share their progress and experience with newcomers.

Sunday Night Meet Up:

  • Mama Influencers Unite meet up at the Riviera 6-7 (got a tee shirt from organizer, met a few gals at bar by lobby)

day 2: monday

  • 10:30 Sugaro Jessica Gleim on Traffic, Funnels & Online Advertising (Oh My!)
    You need to generate traffic to your site, grow your community, and convert your customers! And its all possible for only $10 a day. Learn how to create cold, warm, and hot traffic, how to segment your traffic and customers, and how to build a successful advertising funnel.

  • Ty Kilgore on Keyword Research That Attracts Your Dream Audience
    Have you ever wondered what to title a post? Do you want your content to consistently rank on page one? Instead of waiting for more organic traffic to come to you, let me help you go out and get it! With effective keywords and using them correctly, you can skyrocket your organic traffic.

  • Got Taco Bar at Parker for everyone (Nic went to Living Dessert w kids) 12:30-1:30

  • 2:30pm Mandi Gubler on All About Sponsored Content
    Learn how to establish long term relationship with brands and how to deliver the best content that will keep them coming back. Get introduced to InfluenceKit as a tool to plan and report sponsored content metrics.

  • Sherita Rankins on How To Land Brand Deals For Your Blog
    As the winner of last year's Alaska Airlines pitch session, Sherita is ready to share her knowledge and experience in working with brands to consistently make money for your blog. Learn how to find the right influencer networks and PR companies that fit with your site.

Monday Night Private Dinners:

  • DELTA FAUCET 5-8pm (amazing won a faucet) Amazing party on the rooftop! Succulent centerpieces with faucets! See photos below.

  • BYUTV DINNER TAKES ALL 7-9pm (Ace Hotel, goodie bag) Amazing new cooking show for kids & families that compete against each other! Super sweet hosts!


day 3: Tuesday

  • Tiffany Tolliver on The SPARK Method: Five Easy Ways To Rebrand Your Business + Make Increase Your Income 9am 
    Defining your brand's top three principles is critical to a strong foundation. The key to creating an intentional brand is recognizing that your company cannot flourish solely based on your logo. Learn the "Magic Formula" of combining Strategic Branding + Visual Branding for success.

  • Darcy Miller on Creative Collaboration, Inspiration, And Networking from Minted Party SF
    Darcy Miller believes that celebrating is an art in itself. It's why her book is called Celebrate Everything! and why her mission is to help everyone, everywhere, make every day special. In business she celebrates, too, and is eager to share her experiences celebrating creativity, connection, and collaboration, and how doing so can grow your brand and business in positive and lasting ways.

  • Courtney & Rob Novogratz Lunch Opening Keyote @ Riviera 12-1

  • Jessica & Steve Doll Drone Photography at Ace 1:30am Tues
    Join this power couple of professional photographers as they walk you through a step-by-step introduction to drone photography. You'll learn everything from safety and flight to scouting locations and aerial photography basics.

  • Done for the Day, stopped at Jolie paint booth


  • Camille Whiting on SEO Results! How To Grow Your Traffic And Figure Out A Content Strategy
    In this session we'll take a deep dive into keywords, best practices, understanding analytics, creating a great user experience, and getting your posts ranked and viewed. You'll leave with a clear understanding of search engine optimization, why you need it, and how to do it effectively.

  • Must-Haves
    SEO can be daunting, but once you master the essentials, the traffic will start flowing in. In this workshop we will be going over all the technical and on-page SEO elements your website needs in order to be found and ranked by Google. Some of the topics we will be covering are: Sitemaps, robots.txt, meta elements, canonicals and 404 error handling - not sure what any of this is? No worries, we will explain it all (and more) from the beginning. 

  • Drop by the famed Gene Autry house, located at the Parker Palm Springs, to meet with the Alaska Airlines team.

  • Got a few flying tips & tricks

  • Amber Boyes 9:30-11 Riviera
    missed her round table. 

    Hear how brands and agencies are scouting for influencer partners and measuring successful campaigns in 2019. Learn to identify the key decision makers on both the brand and agency side. And set yourself apart from other influencers by providing insights, counsel, and metrics.

  • Three-minute appointments where attendees can present a live pitch to the editorial team of Better Homes & Gardens Magazine. At Sugaro.

  • Pitched 12:00pm

  • Got Box lunches at Parker for everyone (Nic went to outlets) 12:30-1:30

  • Worked on braelets at Novogratz pavilion – saw Nic at Pool

  • Rad & Happy 3pm Saguro

Wednesday Night Private Parties:

  • NOVOGRATZ PARTY Cocktails & Appetizers 6:30-8:30pm:

  • Courtney Novogratz asked for my card!!

  • Desserts w Nic at Parker MiniBar - desserts to die for!



  • Stephanie Smith on Boost on No More! Use Facebook Ads Manager To Promote Your Brand Or Business 
    We'll cover how to use Facebook Ads Manager to promote content with advertising dollars. This will include learning the difference between the various campaign objectives and how it matters for your business or brand, all of the targeting and audience segment capabilities available, plus so much more.

  • Lindsey Brault, April Foster & Zoe Distefano on Get The Most Bang For Your Buck With Facebook & Instagram Ads 
    Take a deep-dive and learn how we completely changed our ad strategy at Inked Brands in Q2, resulting in a 17% profit increase. We'll show you how to get creative with the audiences you target for prospecting and retargeting ads.

  • Got Box lunches at Parker for everyone then went to adult pool w Nic

  • AMAZON Home Influencers 2pm at Parker Rose & Snacks – Novogratz pavilion


day 6: FRIDAY

  • Photoshoot w kids 9:30-10:30

  • Pool Time & drive to Santa Barbara


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I hope you enjoyed reading my Alt Summit Diary! I had such a great time, met so many amazing people and can’t wait to do it all again next year!

Love, Lynn