Happy Labor Day: An Honest Life Update

With Labor Day, Pre-K back-to-school and having a 2 year-old still at home, happening all at once, it’s enough to make a Momma need a cocktail!


It’s New Year, then before you know it, it’s Easter. After that it’s summer break and now, all of a sudden and without warning, Fall is coming and the kids are going back to school. With Aura still at home, it’s a lot for a Momma to take in, I’m sure you can relate!

August has been crazy…

  • Trying to keep the household all together

  • Preparing for a big renovation project (we’re adding a second story to our house!)

  • Being a professional interior designer and trying to collaborate with brands for the reno so I can share it with you guys

  • Signing up the kids to their extra-curriculars like soccer, gym, ninja etc.

  • Aura and Tudor have started modelling! (Look out for Tudor in Old Navy content!)

  • Booking our trip to Europe: Romania, Greece & UK and organising the whole families travel

  • Keeping up the Jewelry business & planning out some trunk shows for the upcoming season

  • Not to mention me trying to get a workout in every now and then for some me time!

…oh and then being a Mom and having to find time to actually feed my children and keep them alive - and myself (forever eating leftovers after everybody else is seen to!) it’s a lot… (on that note… I’m on the lookout for an intern or assistant if you know anyone!)

Currently I have a ton of brands reaching out to me and with all of the above I’m also trying to get that quality content out to you guys and get this blog making some side income to feed my inner creative. Can anyone else relate?


For this post I’ve partnered with Rockets of Awesome (where Tudor’s entire first-day-of-school outfit came from!) you can shop their latest lines here and get 20% off if you get 4 items or more!


Being a Mom Blogger in 2019 means a hell-of-a-lot of self-comparison and imposter syndrome. Every day your Instagram feed is positively overrun with perfect grids of perfect moms with perfect families, and it feels so unattainable. That’s not real life!

Given that my Mom passed away years ago and Nic’s family all being in Romania, we have no real family help nearby. We’re in our own little family bubble and although that can be beautiful, it can also be really freaking hard.

I wanted to write this post to give you guys some transparency… it’s not all as curated and pretty as it may be on Instagram. Dropping Tudor off at school it felt like I was back at high school with all the moms. I guess that little girl inside never goes away, huh?! And the funny part is is that it’s all in our heads. Nobody cares as much as we do, ourselves.

The truth is that every Mom feels this way, every day and all the time. And it is very rarely talked about. We could be at Target or the grocery store or even just at the pool with the babies, and we feel insecure and unsure of ourselves.

We’re all just doing our best, and that will always be enough. And remember, we have each other!

Love, Lynn

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