Are you Ready? Get Ready! Household Disaster Preparedness


This is SO important to me and has hit way too close to home, that I wanted to do a blog post to share what I leaned with you. I am including many guides so you can print out and fill in. I hope you will take the time to read through so you can protect your family too.

Preparedness. Earthquakes, Fires and Floods... As a concerned Mom living in a high hazard zone in Marin County with earthquakes and wildfires, not to mention we live on the water I wanted to see how I could be prepared to protect my family in an emergency.

I attended a ‘Get Ready’ class in Marin County, CA on Household Disaster. It was MUCH more than I anticipated learning. It taught me how to develop emergency plans and what should be done before, during and after an emergency. Now, I am excited to get my ‘Go Kit’ together and share it with my fellow Mama families.


There is SO much material in this manual, but I will just hit briefly upon a few key points. If you want more info on anything please contact me.

Emergency Food Supply: Maintain a 5-7 day supply. Foods you will enjoy, especially the kids. Ones that require little prep or water. No refrigeration. Low sodium. Dietary needs and extra baby formula. Don’t forget pet food. Change every 6 months and donate it. Items to cook your food like a camping stove if desired.

Water is key. YOU can survive weeks with water and only days with only food. Store a minimum of 5 gallons per person. You may add a few drops of chlorine to the water to purify it before drinking. Change every 6 months.

Keep a backpack kit in your car with supplies in case you are stranded and need to walk. 

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This is what you need for your kits. I suggest going on Amazon Prime ( I know you are all on it  ; ) )


  • Know how to shut off your gas and where your breaker panel is.

  • Try to take a CPR / First Aid class.

  • Your water heater water & water in back of the toilet tank can be consumed.


One of the key items I learned was to prop yourself in a doorway with your butt against the frame and hands on the other side with your children below you.
Make sure your children know what to do in a fire or earthquake. 

Make a PLAN. What happens when a disaster occurs? How will you evacuate, where will you meet, how will you communicate, do you have cash, an emergency contact list? What items will you need if you had 10 minutes to evacuate. My cousins husband’s mom house just burned in the Napa fires, all she had was her purse, that is ALL, when they all arrived at my house that night.

I am posting this ‘ Get Ready Preparedness Guide’ above so you can can be prepared too. Again, there is so much information it is hard to write it all here, so please ask any questions. 


Check if your local Police Department has a program. You can hold one for your neighborhood or group. Stay safe and prepared my fellow Mama’s.

If you have any questions please email me at or comment below.

Yours in safety,