Celebrating Aura's Birthday in Palm Springs

A family trip to Palm Springs for Alt Summit and to celebrate baby Aura’s 2nd birthday in style at the Parker Hotel!

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We packed up the Suburban and headed down the I5 to Pasadena where we stayed 2 nights before driving down to Palm Springs!

We decided to splurge and stay at the gorgeous Parker Palm Springs to celebrate Aura’s 2nd birthday and make a vacation of my trip to Alt Summit (be sure to check back for my post covering all things Alt Summit and bright colour overload!) Whilst we were there we got in touch with a photographer through my conference to capture these beautiful moments of us living without dishes in the sink and heaps of laundry in the background!

The grounds of the Parker are absolutely gorgeous. It’s like you’re in a tropical secret garden everywhere you look so it was easy to get some great shots! The kids loved all the tunnels of foliage and water fountains. Just be careful - there’s some spiky cacti in there too! The landscaping truly is awesome.

We stayed in a room with a hammock and sandbox underneath it outside which was an instant hit with the kids.

This top photo was my favourite of the whole shoot - I feel like it’s so rare to get one of everybody smiling!

This was such a special day, Aura’s name means ‘light’ and she’s always radiating smiles around her wherever she goes. Her bright little spirit she always lifts up my day no matter how hard a day it is. She’s an athletic little one and we always joke she’s going to be a WWE wrestler when she grows up!

I’m so glad we got to celebrate a beautiful girl in a beautiful setting as a family all together.

Love, Lynn


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