10 Coastal Activities to do in California with Toddlers

Nautical Sunday day trips spent down at our neighborhood’s boatyard are one of our favourite things to do in California - we love coastal activities! Fishing off the dock and running up and down the jetty is always more fun with toddlers…most of the time, haha!


Living on the coast, I thought I would come up the top 10 coastal places I like to take my toddlers to in the San Francisco Bay area. We are always day tripping to somewhere on the water…or the cows if you hav been following us, so here is a list for you to visit if you are up here.

Visiting the coastline is great for the kids to explore marine life and even swim sometimes, plus it’s nice for mama and dadda too!

So here it is, my top 10 coastal activities to do with kids in Northern california

These are 10 places that are special to me which are all located in the San Francisco Bay Area of California and they’re all possible by way of a day trip! Consider your next 10 Sundays planned ;)

All this talk of water has me thinking…I used to be a surfer but haven’t gotten out on the board in a while, now we opt for paddle boarding which is much more stable and the kids can sit on the paddle board with us! You can see us in action in my SUPing post here!

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