Easter Bunny Cakes with the Kids

It’s that time of year again and Spring is officially in the air! Cooking easy Easter Bunny cake recipes with the kids is definitely going to become a new Easter tradition, but hopefully a neater and cleaner tradition is time goes on, haha!


I had to wrestle a bit with Aura to get her in this adorable dress from Nordstrom, but after just one minor tantrum we managed to get her smiling again! She loved the little bunnies on her dress, the detailing from the back is SO gorgeous, I wish she’d fit this next year too!

I tried white, pink and red-velvet cakes and found that the strawberry recipe ended up coming out the best by Betty Crocker. It was super easy - I got all my sprinkles, frosting, box cake, coconut for the bunny hair and google eyes from Target, and a cast-iron tray from Williams-Sonoma to mould the bunny shapes, et voila!

There was for sure fighting over the sprinkles, but they soon learned to share. Make sure your frosting is at room temperature to help it spread easily, we don’t want any broken bunnies from forceful spreading!

It’s a really fun way to get them involved in the holiday and spend a sunny Sunday afternoon making ‘hop hop’ cakes as Aura would say!

I do a lot of posts on cooking with my kids like Sunday Pancakes & Valentines Cookies too - because I think it’s such a great family activity!

If you have any questions on where to get supplies or baking methods, I’m here for you! It’s definitely a mess and you’ll be finding sprinkles stuck to your socks for weeks, but the looks on their faces makes it all worth it. Email me at lynn@goldwestvintage.com with your questions!

Love, Lynn

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Easter Baking.png