How we got here, a few things about me and my Father’s Day gift…

…spending Father’s Day with the whole family doing what we love the most - getting outside in the Californian sunshine!


Rewind to a decade ago, Nicolae and I met at a Boston Young Professionals Networking Event in the city. I think these events were more geared towards mingling rather than actually passing out business cards and being professional… he asked me to go to dinner that night - ha!

We kept in touch as I was working in New York a lot with my jewelry business and I finally ended up buying a brand new high-rise condo in Boston’s Back Bay. Ironically, it ended up being only two blocks away from Nic’s brownstone in the South End…


I was doing up to 2 Gold Parties a day, travelling from NYC to CT, and I remember always getting back to Boston late at night and having to eat out last minute for dinner and drinks. Oh boy - do I miss those evenings over metropolitan cocktails!

Now, you may wonder how I got into doing jewelry being a Professional Interior / Architectural Designer…well that’s a whole other story unto itself phew…I covered in this blog post:

The Low Down on my Jewelry Business

Alas, now you may wonder how I got into Lifestyle Blogging…well here’s the blog post on that story along with my home office:

Gold West Vintage Home Office Decor

Back to us meeting…we ended up going to San Francisco on a regular basis for my friends’s weddings and vacations…


People often ask why we live bi-coastally from San Francisco to Boston… I lived here for a short while after college and I eventually convinced Nic to buy a house out here with me during a vacation where we found a place within 2 days!

We lived bi-coastally for 5 years or so before finally settling down by the sea when Tudor started pre-school this past year. A part of me does miss the Boston life, throwing the kids in a stroller and walking anywhere in the city. Walking around at night and the café’s are overflowing with life and energy. The city will always have a big piece of my heart.

Both the kids were born in Boston and we commuted back and forth between coasts - the kids have wracked up a lot of airline miles!

These shots are from our neighbourhood yacht club as we live on the water, where we love to go as a family for a sunny afternoon on the water. We take the kids SUPing straight from the house and it’s one of our favorite ways to spend the day living by the sea!

Thank you for being the best Dada & Husband and always being up for my crazy adventures and photoshoots ;)

How will you be celebrating Father’s Day this year?

Love Lynn

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