Fishing with Kids on the Dock

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It’s time to fish! Just a quick post to show you guys our coastal living vibes, fishing on the dock with our kids! You can totally do this at any public landing wherever you are.

Possibly one of my favourite things about living here is being on the water. Tudor loves to go out on to the dock and look for fish since he was a baby.

We’ve now got him hooked on fishing and picked up these cute practice rods you can shop below. Note that I always usually have Tudor in a life jacket on the dock, but for these photos we didn’t. I’ve also linked below his life jacket! Safety first ;)

The practice rods have a little red plastic floating fish on the end to help him practice casting. Only when he’s older and more skilled he’ll go up to a hook!

If you have any questions on products or tips and tricks to get your kids to fish, email me at or comment below!

Happy fishing!

Love, Lynn

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