Gold West Vintage Home Office Decor

So… here it is! The official GoldWestVintage home office decor tour!

You guys may recognise this area if you’re an OG member of GoldWestVintage… notice anything? Yep! This area used to be our home cocktail bar, but recently I took over this space for my second life as a blogger/jewelry dealer and über planner extraordinaire. Don’t worry… the bar is right next to the desk for when work gets a little stressful ;)

Office Decor.jpg

I was excited when my friend came over to take some pictures of me in my natural habitat. I love vintage accessories and bright colours if you couldn’t tell. My rainbow pants are vintage inspired from Aqua (and are even on sale for $45 right now, I’ve added a link below for you to get your hands on some!)


For those of you who don’t know, my specialty is actually in vintage jewelry restoration and dealership. I decided to pull out some of my favourite pieces to show you guys, and they’re all on sale on this very website! Oh… except for my wedding ring ;)

As you can tell, my favourite thing is cocktail rings. I’m OBSESSED with vintage cocktail rings - the bigger, more colourful and out-there.. the better! My motto is “Finding the perfect cocktail ring is like finding the perfect pair of jeans.”… and as a Mom finding the right pair of jeans that fit can be a… challenge. #thestruggleisreal


You can see my other obsession is also insect pins of which I have a particularly great selection of bees and ants. Who doesn’t love a cute brooch?!

I’m also rocking a few chunky gold bangles of mine also available on the shop, just wearing one of these can dress up even the simplest look!

ALL JEWELRY FROM THIS SHOOT IS 25% OFF with CODE: FALL25! Adding the links tonight, in the meantime email me! Keep scrolling for more of the Blog Post!

insect,pin,brooch,ant,bee,vintage jewelry.jpg
gold,insect,cocktail ring,bracelet,brooch,buddha,vintage jewelry,gemstones.jpg

I always find it nice to have a few objects of inspiration on the desk, I have from the Brimfield Antiques Show in Mass a marble Buddha head that I keep on the desk, it’s one of my favourite things! I also keep a little light up star lamp for those late nights when I can’t leave my desk.

Hope you enjoyed a peek into the World headquarters of GoldWestVintage! What are some favorite objects of inspiration you like to keep on your desk?

Love, Lynn