Jewelry Pop-Up at Xtend Barre, Newbury Street

Xtend Barre Pop-Up-fitness-fit mom-fitmama-babywearing-1.jpg
Xtend Barre Pop-Up-fitness-fit mom-fitmama-babywearing-2.jpg
Xtend Barre Pop-Up-fitness-fit mom-fitmama-babywearing-1.jpg

Ladies the time has come to combine forces! I loved my Baby Barre classes at Xtend Barre on Newbury St. in Boston and my gals in the class love jewelry so we decided to do a Pop-Up!

On the Barre side, these photos of me and Aura are so special, it’s a fleeting time where I can wear her to exercise and her little face lights up and her little legs kick along to the music. She absolutely loves looking in the mirror and bouncing. I highly suggest you join a Mommy and Me class of some kind to meet other Moms.

Sometimes it’s the only time we get out of the house and can talk no holds barred about stuff only we can understand! For me it was so impotant to just take a little time for myself, even if Aura was with me whilst Tudor got to be doing his thing on a playground. Classes are around $30, Tudor's nanny $20/hr, but getting to talk to other Moms and work out… it's honestly worth every penny.

Xtend Barre Pop-Up-fitness-fit mom-fitmama-babywearing-4.jpg

On the Jewlery side, I brought my jewelry in for my Mom class and then again at night. We all had so much fun! Ladies brought in old gold/silver jewelry to sell for a check and others simply purchased a cocktail ring for themselves!

Hope this little glimpse of how my Pop-Ups can work will inspire you to have one with me. I am in San Francisco and travel back to Boston frequently. I even do Pop-Ups in CT, RI and NY and you can even host a pop-up in your own home with girlfriends and some bubbly!

If you have any questions on what would make for a perfect Pop-Up please send me an email at

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What’s your piece of jewelry? I would love to hear from you!


Looking for a fun way to have a Girls' Event at your store?


I will bring my collection of GoldWestVintage jewelry. You can showcase my jewelry solo, or also have your clients bring their old gold and silver jewelry, tableware, and coins to sell. For hosting the pop up, you will make 10-15% of every piece of jewelry I buy and sell. You may also choose to donate your earnings to a charity of your choice.

Make it fun! Have a Happy Hour at your store. Grab some bottles of wine and cheese, do a giveaway, and promote your latest product!