Happy National Positive Thinking Day to all my friends & parents to young kids!

It’s National Positive Thinking day in the US on Friday, and today my thoughts are all surrounding the gratitude I have to be a parent to my beautiful young kids! It can be easy to feel down in the dumps with the everyday, but there is always something to show gratitude and be positive about!


Being a Momma there are so many things to be thankful for and feel positive about, I’ve linked some of my favourite blog posts about each of these!

Even on days when it might get tough, we always have something to make us smile. The more positively you look at life, the more things you’ll have to be positive about!

My sweet friend Greer over at www.family.greerrivera.com took these shots for us. I totally recommend her if you’re in Northern California! She’s taking bookings now for Fall family photos & you can follow her on Instagram @greerriveraphotography.


I love having photographs like these to remember good days and family fun. It was totally misty this day and the wind was whipping us in the face!

We’d had it planned for a few weeks so we still soldiered through the freezing cold. You wouldn’t know it, but beyond the mist here is the most breathtaking view of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Even so, when I look back at these photos I’ll laugh about the fun we had.

What are some of the things you like to be grateful for?

Love, Lynn


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