This Mompreneur is the SMMCpreneur for July & August!

I was so honoured to be featured as an SMMC-PRENEUR in this month’s SMMC Crier! Having my article ‘A Day on the Smart Train’ published with them back in April was a huge milestone for me, so to have them reach out and ask to feature me again totally made my summer. This side hustle is taking off… a total Mompreneur pinch-me moment!


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the feature reads:

Q1.Tell us about you and your family; you live bi-coastal, why? 

Hi I’m Lynn, married to Nicolae and mama to toddlers, Tudor and Aura. I met my husband in Boston and we have been living bi-coastally for the last 6 years. This year we have spent the majority of our time at our house in Tiburon, now that my son Tudor is in preschool. On the professional side, I am an interior / architectural designer - having worked for companies such as Pottery Barn. Now, I am working on designing a second story for our home, and so excited to get my design groove on, especially the kids’ rooms! 

Q2. Your website is absolutely stunning and so easy to navigate BTW. What is Gold West Vintage And how did that come about? Where do you get your products? 

The name GoldWestVintage came from my jewelry store that features fine vintage gold jewelry. I started working in fine jewelry 10 years ago in NY when the design industry was at a low. I held gold parties at private homes and boutiques, buying clients gold. Enter…babies and my Lifestyle Blog was born! I love writing about mom and toddler style, travel and home décor…with a little jewelry sprinkled in.

Q.3 Tell us more about the things you are doing right now. Blogger, professional interior designer, online store, mom of two etc… You’re a total boss lady. How do you do it all? 

I do have some help! I have a part-time nanny a few mornings and nights; a gal who helps me with my blog, Pinterest and Instagram. Right now my blog is growing and I am collaborating with lifestyle brands to promote their products as an Influencer. Next up is my Youtube channel. 

I also continue to hold gold privates, parties and fundraisers, as well as selling my jewelry at seasonal pop-ups around Marin. As far as design, I will be working with many home décor brands, featuring anything from how to install a faucet to kids room décor. 

Q.4 What advice do you have for other moms who are always looking to be an entrepreneur?  What keeps you balance? 

Being a mompreneur requires a bit of hustle for sure. Keep your creative juices flowing even when you are buried in diapers, laundry and cleaning. My passion and escape is design and photography. I honestly love photographing our adventures. Just think of the things you would do if you did not have kids and make ‘that’ your side hustle, as I like to call it. If you are interested in starting a blog, I am happy to help.

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Love, Lynn


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