Sunday Mountain Picnic with Family


We like to do at least one special thing with the kids at the weekend that gets us all out of the house and in to nature. My kids love packing up their lunchboxes with healthy treats and a few non-healthy ones too ;)

We head out to the mountains for the afternoon, the same spot we like to hike. If you’ve been a follower of mine for a while you will know we love to explore the mountains of Marin County, California.

This particular hike and picnic spot has views spanning for hundreds of miles. You can even see our house from it! The large mountain in the back is Mt. Tam which I’ve posted about hiking on before, the other side it’s Corte Madera and Tiburon. Yes we give all mountains equal love ;) you’ll always see these two blonde heads bopping about all over the place.

This is really our time to step away from work and social media and for the kids, from the iPad and the TV. It’s the time for all of us to disconnect from life and reconnect with nature and each other. This precious family time is so crucial running a modern, busy family. It’s such a special time for us that I think is important for all families to have.


Yes, it takes effort to have everyone packed up and out the house, but it is SO worth it. And believe it or not, your toddlers will love it too! Remember how we used to love playing outside when we were young?

I always pack a lightweight beach blanket to have it stashed in the car which is key. These neat boxes for packing our lunches in are by Pottery Barn, they’re so handy and neat! (No, this isn’t sponsored, but I wish it was - haha!) Bringing fun plates for the kids to eat on is always a hit, and Tudor insists on having his plate with the long skinny fish. Our snack favourites for both kids are slices peppers, tomatoes, blueberries, strawberries and cucumbers. I don’t think I’d ever eaten peppers before I had kids, what is it about peppers they love so darn much?! They get a fruit roll-up for dessert. I find that the more colourful the food, the more excited the kids are to eat it!

I wish I could link my adorable wicker basket here but I actually won it, unbranded, from a raffle!

I just love the way these shots came out. It’s funny how you never really know what you look like or how precious the moment is until you look back on it in photographs. It really makes you want to savour every minute.

Tudor insisted on wearing his hamburger shirt today for the picnic and Aura loves wearing sun dresses with stretch leggings whenever we go out anywhere. I scored my shirt from Bloomingdales, I love things with graphics patterns on them and my husband’s shirt is Ralph Lauren.


Our go-to picnic shopping list:

  • Whole Milk Mozza String cheese

  • Wholewheat Goldfish (of course! :))

  • All colours of peppers (baby bell are the best!)

  • All different kinds of baby tomato

  • English Cucumber

  • Fruit Rollups from Annie’s

  • Strawberries

  • Blueberries

Love, Lynn

Sunday Mountain Picnic.png