Sunny Sundays Cooking Pancakes with the Kids

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OMG - is there literally anything better than slow Sunday mornings cooking pancakes in PJ's with the kids?

One of our favourite ways to start the day is with homemade pancakes...(although they aren't really home made.. shh don't tell Tudor!)

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Using a Whole Foods pre-made mixture made with whole wheat flour to make it easier for little man to get involved, you only need egg, whole milk and butter (full fat unsalted!) to get delicious pancakes but we like to add extra honey, vanilla and blueberries for sweetness and flavour.

We tend to get up and brush our teeth around 7 and head straight to the kitchen for family breakfast. On weekends, of course, I wish we had this much time for leisure on weekdays!

Tudor loves to cook for his baby sister and adding blueberries, bananas or sprinkles is a fun activity for the kids to get involved with.

I purchased child-safety knives to cut the butter and bananas and a small whisk because whisking is his absolute favourite part - and baby always wants to whisk too!

He loves to follow Mommy and taste his creation by licking the spoon or bowl.When having them add the fruit or additional ingredients to the skillet it's important to always hold on to their arm so they don't get burnt!

Looking back at these photos as I write this post, I realise how much I love the way the morning light comes through our French doors and lights up the space. It makes it so inviting and a great uplifting way to start the day.

Having Tudor get involved with making his breakfast makes him super excited to eat it, so also starts the day with one less struggle! We put our leftovers in zip lock bags and carry them with us throughout the day! (Totally meant to be a snack for the babes, yet I usually end up eating them myself!)

Shop the Look

Tudor and Aura love to sit at their very own dining table to decorate their creations. The table itself was a garage sale score at $20. It came in to our lives bright yellow and we up-cycled it with sanding and painting to be this beautiful crisp white with light grey chairs. I plan to paint some fun little animal motifs on the chairs at some point soon, so keep your eyes peeled for a DIY post coming soon! 

Now... for the toppings! I absolutely love these photos. They were taken so quickly and yet came out so beautifully. The morning light comes right through these windows in to their own little cosy breakfast nook.

So these sprinkles were leftover from Tudor's birthday party! We store all the party decor pieces in a big canister to save for these special moments. It's a great way to integrate fun in to breakfast time and often distracts them from the regular breakfast struggle. It's not too sweet if you keep the sprinkles organic and it gives them a great morning!

As for our PJs, you can check the links above to snag a pair! These ones are about 6 years old but they're still one of my favourite pairs to this day. GAP is my go-to for PJs for the kids, so many sweet designs and so affordable.

How do you spend your sunny Sunday mornings? I'd love to hear!

Love, Lynn

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