Spring Jewelry… .it’s all about Pink & Red!


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It’s almost Spring and I decided to throw on some of my favorite love-inspired, pink, red, Tiffany, and heart-shaped jewelry (you know, all the stuff that makes us women weak at the knees!) to give some true Spring love to you all!

Bonus! I now carry gorgeous vintage velvet handmade gift boxes in various colors to showcase your ring choice, and to add a beautiful touch to your gift!


I’ve always been a sucker for beautiful cocktail rings and bracelets. On my hands I have 2 Tiffany bracelets which are my stand out choices (the basket weave and mesh ones) which are my favourites. Vintage Tiffany is hard to come by and they are in such great condition. The other bracelets have very high quality precious gemstones, from Diamonds to Sapphires, and Rubys to Emeralds!

All my pieces are in excellent quality and professionally ultrasonically cleaned for that perfect sparkle. I only pick the best vintage pieces to showcase and they’re all of the highest grade.

Professionally sourced, beautifully restored.

This necklace I have on is a Vintage Double Chain Necklace has a tiny seed pearl at the centre of its heart. This piece is truly vintage and a really special find!

And of course I have a few Paloama Picasso pieces from Tiffany including this XXXOOO brooch. These are collectors items, especially her collaboration with Tiffany, so it’s hard to come by such exquisitely restored treasures!

I also have several heart-shaped pendants in both Sterling and 14k and 18k Gold which you can simply add on to any of your favourite chains. I like to make my own personalised charm necklaces by mixing and matching my pendants on the same chain!

May all the love be with you today and always! If you have any questions about my pieces or they ae not on the site, please feel free to reach out to me via email at lynn@goldwestvintage.com

Love, Lynn

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