The Low Down on my Jewelry Business


Ever wonder what the name Gold West Vintage means? Believe it or not I’m not being a Momma 100% of the time (I’d go crazy!) Here’s the inside scoop of how it all started, and a look in to one of my passions…Gold Baby!

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What is my background in education?

I hold degrees in Fine Art, Interior Design and Architecture. I’m a professional interior designer A.S.I.D and worked for high-end residential architecture and interior luxury lines. I’ve worked on interior architecture to furniture, from hardware to accessories. Having worked for huge companies like Pottery Barn and McGuire Furniture designing myself and bringing to life the sketches of International designers, I’ve seen every side!

How did I get started in this business?

After moving back to New York from San Francisco 10 years ago, in search of a new opportunity, I started working in the gold and silver industry. Being a Designer at heart, It was a shame to see so much beautiful jewellery being stowed away. This inspired me to bring unwanted yet stunning items to be a star again! I must admit, I have an everlasting obsession with cocktail rings and this definitely inspired me too. My motto is always ‘finding the right cocktail ring is like finding the right pair of jeans!’


So do I buy it, or sell it?

Actually, both! Some people can sell an old, heavy bangle and with that money, buy a brand new refrigerator! The value of gold has tripled in the time I’ve started working with it, so it’s worth digging in those old jewellery boxes of yours to find any unwanted pieces! Remember, many pieces carry massive sentimental value so keep a firm hold on those. But then again… you can always think of Grandma when you open the fridge ;)

Where do I find my jewelry?

I find most of my jewellery at private consultations, gold parties (which are absolutely as fun as they sound!) and pop-up shops at local stores and events. Guests come to sell their old items which get melted down, and I tend to keep my favourites to fix-up and sell on as they are.

What has to be special about a piece to make it in to my collection?

I look for vintage pieces with stones still in great condition. It has to be solid gold and have something unique about it. You’ll see all of my pieces have a unique flare! I love to find cocktail rings and brooches from no specific era! I love the memories of my Mom and her friends all in their fancy brooches every single day to add a pop of interest to their outfits, they truly were conversation starters.

How do I value the pieces I collect?

  • The grade of the Gold

  • The weight of the Gold

  • The type of Gemstone

  • Cut of the stone

  • The intricacy of the piece

  • The condition of the piece over time

  • …and of course it’s overall WOW factor!

Whats my favourite piece? What do I look for in beautiful stones?

I’m obsessed with Aquamarine, Alexandrite, Lapis and a rare purple gemstone called Sugalite that holds spiritual value. My favourite pieces in my whole collection are my ‘insect brooches’. They don’t make them like they used to! I have a collection of bees that are my absolutely favourites, it’s always so hard to part with them when they get sold! They’re all so uniquely beautiful and eye-catching, so they’re definitely my favourite.

Screenshot 2018-11-14 at 17.25.16.png
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How can you buy some of my pieces?

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Nowadays I’ve traded Gold and Vintage for plastic and play-doh, I can’t wear my beloved jewelry as much these days what with grabbing toddler hands on me at literally all times, so it means a lot to me to see it go to a loving home!

If you ever want to get something special for yourself or a loved one, I always extend an exclusive discount to my blog readers of up to 40%, just email me and let me know what pieces you’re interested in!

Love, Lynn

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