Kids Kitchen: Healthy Homemade Veggie Pizza

The Kids’s Kitchen is open at Casa Del Armstrong-Pascu! On the menu today is a yummy healthy homemade veggie pizza made with all organic vegetables!


You will need:

  • Annie’s Pre-made Pizza Dough (unless you’re one of those over-achievers!)

  • Tomato Sauce (I love Rao)

  • Green, red, orange and yellow bell peppers

  • Red onion (or you can do it without! My kids love onion)

No more dominos delivery needed! This super easy recipe was great fun to get the kids involved with, making it like a cooking game. We made a red circle of peppers starting from the outside first, followed by orange, yellow and green. Each child takes turns making a circle each.

I had visions of this Insta perfect circular rainbow pizza and as a pre-warning… it may not end up looking quite as lovely as it started - haha!


The kids really love rolling out the dough on the homemade pizza - we use our Playdoh rolling pin so the cooking feels fun for them and it really makes them want to be involved.

If you have picky toddlers when it comes to eating, check out my post all about Picky Toddler Eating and what you can do on how to fix it! Spoiler alert: getting them involved in the preparation is one of the tips!

Don’t let it sit too long before baking it, else you’ll end up with it stuck to the surface! The dough just turns to mush…

I love getting the kids in to cooking as it really helps speed up that ‘dead time’ between 3-6pm after school but before dinner without letting them drown in 10 bajillion hot wheels.


You can also make it a fun trip/cooking game to the store to pick up your groceries in anticipation of the pizza. The kids get to pick their own veggies from the market for their Kid’s Kitchen’s specialty homemade pizza a la Tudor & Aura!

This is a really great rainy day activity to get the kids out of the house without making yet another trip to the library!

Once your pizza is cooked, you get to snuggle up and watch a movie whilst you eat your new creation all together (p.s. I would definitely advise a bib unless you want a tomato shirt!)

If you guys need any tips on making your own kitchen in to a Kid’s Kitchen into a Friday night homemade pizza zone, let me know in the comments and I can make some more posts on it!

What other recipes do you like to make with your kids? Let me know!

Love, Lynn


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Rainbow Veggie Pizza.png
Rainbow Veggie Pizza Version 2-2.png