Easter Photoshoot in Nature with the Family


Time to don our best pastels as we had a family photoshoot for Easter. All about the lilacs, aqua, yellow and pinks this time of year, boys and all!

It’s funny, before being a Mom I never cared this much about all the little holidays throughout the year! It’s been raining forever here, March is usually an icky month in SF full of fog, rain and wind but we caught a quick break of sunshine to take some photos!

The eucalyptus trees in my town are so beautiful and fragrant. I’ve always wanted to stop and take a picture on this road and I’m so glad we got a chance to do it - and with sunshine no less! The kids couldn’t help but pick up the sticks to start playing sword fights.

I love getting the kids dressed up nicely to celebrate any holiday we can. Anything feels good to get out of sweats and as a family of two toddlers, any excuse to get your glad rags on is a good one! It can feel like a struggle but I promise it’s worth it.

I’m so in love with these photos and I think I’m going to make the very last photo in to a big canvas for the house.

I’ve already got all my Easter supplies for the year to decorate eggs and I even got plastic eggs for Aura! I’ll link all the supplies for our Easter Egg Hunt and home decor in my New Amazon Store here. (I have my own Amazon page now which lists the products I use for each of my posts - yay! It makes it so easy for you to shop and even for me to keep a mental note of where I bought what.)

Love, Lynn

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